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Van Nunen & Partners was created 1998 by Dr. A.M. van Nunen. Prof. dr. Kees Cools is non-executive director.

The company focuses on asset management services for institutional investors. It carries out assignments (investigation, recommendations, search, implementation and control) for pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers and charities. Some examples: Allianz Global Investors, health insurance company VGZ-IZA, funeral insurance company Yarden, pension funds Friesland Campina, Arcadis, Provisum (C&A), ’t Anker, SCA Hygiene Products, Cosun-Aviko-Suiker, Telegraaf Media Group, pension fund for general practitioners and medical specialists, pension fund for the printing industry, branch pension fund for food distribution, Damage Insurance Company Ltd., Van Spaendonck Group, agricultural organization ZLTO, Syntrus Achmea Asset Management and non-profit organizations such as Prince Bernard Culture Fund, healthcare network Midden-Brabant, Tivoli fund and Foundation Joh. Enschedé.

Since 2001 Van Nunen & Partners gained large recognition as the pioneer in the field of fiduciary management. This way of managing assets has become very important, both in the Netherlands and abroad: at the end of 2012 some three quarters of pension money was managed this way in the Netherlands, while institutions abroad increasingly follow this example. The first fiduciary contracts have been signed in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Austria.

Anton van Nunen Fiduciair Management